Abhyanga Massage

Our specialist will choose the right pacifying oil according to your "Dosha" (Vatta, Pitta or Kapha) constitution. Abhyanga Massage is an ancient way of  helping the body to recover and heal.


We all find ourselves in diffferent states and  we need to maintain or or remove certain elements at times in order to keep a balance and that is all that matters in Ayurverda treatment approach.


Warm herbal stamps maybe applied to enhance the out come of the Massage (please book in Advance)
A Foot massage - Padabhyanga Relaxing is the ultimate healing
an equivalent to a whole body massage. It is the most vital treatment it activates all the organs and which boost the immune system.

You may either reserve a 30 minutes foot massage or inform your therapist incase you book a  60minutes treatment. Maximum relaxation start from 90-120 minutes which includes Padabhyanga>>>>offers