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Treat yourself to a very special African massage the Rungu. A Rungu is 
Special carved wooden stick and it is an important symbol of the warrior status among  young men.

The  therapist uses the Rungu to  work on  the deeper muscles especially stressed or overworked  deep tissue  to relieve  tension and muscle pain. Which promotes faster recovery by increasing blood flow and reducing knots. Prices




An alternative to Rungu  is the bamboo massage with the help of different sizes of bamboo sticks designed to work on specific areas of the body. The technique is similar with the hot stone massage. The hands process the muscles and the bamboo stick are used to soften the knots and hard muscles.Prices




Ayurveda Abhyanga is a whole body treatment, which helps the body to heal, regenarate and balance and that is all that matters in Ayurverda treatment approach.

Our specialist will choose the right pacifying organic oil according to your constitution.


Foot massage - Padabhyanga is a Relaxing and  ultimate healing and It is the most vital treatment which activates the organs and boosts the immune system.


You may either book a 30 minutes foot massage or inform your therapist during the massage, If incase you reserved a  60minutes treatment. Maximum relaxation is from 90-120 minutes and includes Padabhyanga depending on your needs>>>>offers




The most common and well-known type of massage is the classic massage also known as Swedish massage.


The Classic massage can prevents ailments and help reduce stress. The techniques are meant to improve blood circulation in all tissue layers, relieve pain and eliminate muscle tension and to prevent sleep disorders and illnesses.


Our classic selection:

* Hot chocolate massage with real chocolate oil extracted from cocoa butter!

* Relax massage / anti-stress massage with hot oil of your choice either neutral oil or  Aromatherapy with various essential oils.

* Hot-stone with heat basal stones.>>Prices