*Seasonal offer massage of  your choice at educed prices

10% discount on Partial massage half an hour and

20% discount on Full body massage from 60 mins.

If you buy 5 or  10 voucher. Wellness is the best gift a for any occasion family friends mates all love to feel good and relax.

****All massages are available as synchrozied 4-hand massage or  couple massages!

Full body massage single price 60min (50€)

.................20% DISCOUNT: 60min10x costs only 400€, 5er=200€)
'' Partial massage single price 30min (30€)

................(10% DISCOUNT 10er =270€, 5er=135€)

Inquiries and information
Hurry now this offer is only available for a short period of time!

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Healing through touch, stagnant energy, stress all aches and pains shall be restored and replaced with the feeling of  self worth,freedom, calmness and well-being.

We offer the ultimate full body treatments whereas your journey begins with trust in a peaceful and relaxing environment...Very nice Female Team you can speak to about anything.

Make every day a self pampering day great adventures

Private exclusive room may be reserved in advance. Shower and drinks available.

Unleash the butterfly in you call us today!
Sorry gents we love you but  this one dedicated to the Ladies


Contact Mobile: +491724675081 (Maryann)
Monday to Friday 09:00 to 20:00.
Saturday 10:00-20:00
Sundays holiday closed

♛ ❁ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛❁ ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛❁ ღ♛ ❁ ♛ ❁ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛❁ ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛ ❁ ღ♛❁