Our Signature treatments

African Massage rituals

In many African cultures, massage is always associated with Traditional African Medicine (TAM),where traditional herbalists use various methods to treat different kinds of ailments, the most famous are body rituals to help clients find a balance in their daily life e.g spiritual body cleansing, herbal rubs, purifying Massages, healing chants,hypnosis and even dance rituals.


 African oil Massage is similar to Ayurveda Abhyanga massage, but the only difference is the individual holistic approach including the use of tools or Natural products to enhance the appearance of skin, smooth wrinkles and relax the entire body.


Due to tourism African massage has become a very popular luxury known to many as Wellness, which is offered in various tourist destinations, hotels, studios, parlours and traditionally under sacred palm trees along the beaches in the coastal region.


Let the out of Africa adventure start with us here in Berlin, our offers are available as a gift vouchers and as couples massage.

Traditional African  massage "Kukanda Mwilli''

Kukanda mwilli is a Traditional African full body classic relaxing oil massage, applied just like classic or Ayurveda Massage.

We use natural untreated organic products e.g products for dry or oily skin.


Our product range: Moringa oil, Baobab, Coconut, Shea butter, Cocoa butter any many more.

a selection of pure oils, ointments or  scented oil. Treatment availablev as a full body massage from 60-120min or Partial upto 30mins. offers


Application of  herbalstamps, Rungu worrior technique, Bamboos or Hotstone available  please book in advance

Rungu Massage

The Rungu is an important symbol during coming-of-age among young Masaai warriors. It's origin deep rooted in East Africa.

The Rungu massage is done with the aid of a curved wooden tool, it's one of the best deeptissue and bodywork Massage.

The purpose of the Rungu tool is to assist the therapist to apply more pressure and work out the triggerpoints , hard muscles or to relieve tension and pain. It aids regeneration by increasing blood circulation and reducing tight nodes. offer
Kukanda Mwilli full body relax massage with no aid of tools can be switched during treatment please inform your therapist:)


Bamboo massage

An alternative to "Rungu'" is the Bamboo Massage with the help of various special cut tree bus sticks, the technique resembles the hot-stone massage, before the massage the tree bus sticks can be heated. This special massage contains many sliding strokes, selective printing, kneading and stroking in all directions to stretch ligaments, tendons and muscles. Offer.